Exporting & reporting


When I export an account, eg. bank account, the field “account” isn’t exported. Account in this case meaning for example “donations”, “advertising and promotions” etc.

Would this be possible?

Is it possible to make an individual report of each account individually that shows all transactions for the respective account eg. bank account, petty cash? Including all the fields under payment or receipt?


The problem is that bank payments or bank receipts can be split into several amounts, each posted to different account. In other words, $60 spend money transaction could be allocated as $10 to Donations, $20 to Electricity and $30 to Computer Equipment.

So it is just single transaction of $60 in bank account but allocated across multiple accounts. That’s why account column is not exported because it could contain multiple values.

Why do you need this? What’s the use case?


Thanks for your reply.

We use Manager for internal use. We export each bank and cash account on Manager to an excel file, send them to our accountant and he does then the real bookkeeping.

Internally we want to see how much we have spent on each account. Eg. how much have we spent on the account “kitchen”, “office”, “charity projects” etc.

Also when we create a new account there is the possibility to add a code. The code however doesn’t seem to be saved.


What code do you mean? Tracking code?

Anyway, I don’t really understand why accountant has to maintain another set of books outside of Manager. It’s just costing you more since you are already doing bookkeeping on Manager, why this double-up?