Exporting reports to Excel

I’m an accountant who has just stumbled upon this program and may start recommending it to clients who need something easy to use or are still keeping their records in a shoebox. One option I would like that i couldn’t find was the ability to export reports such as the general ledger to a format compatible with excel e.g csv, tsv. It makes analysis of accounts easier for me at year end particularly when clients have incorrectly coded items to wrong accounts.

Fantastic job on this program!

I think this is a good idea. I’ll try to add this feature tomorrow.

Thanks for the prompt response.

The latest version (14.4.34) now contains Export button in bottom-right corner on selected reports (Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Trial Balance, General Ledger Summary, Tax Audit, Tax Summary and a few more).

I try to export reports such as the general ledger to a format compatible with excel,message ExternalData_1: Failed …

HI, i prepare for meeting with tax accountant. Exported all Accounts into Excel. Besides the decimal point / comma which I solved with excel functions the date is exported not in the same consistent way. And day and month are switched. So i had to apply two functions in excel to create the correct order of day / month AND convert it into date format.
Is there a better trick?

You can control date and number formats in Preferences. Do that before you export.

Thanks Tut. I did that 2 years ago and did not change it. But about 30% of all Data in any accout are transferred diffrently, month and date switched places.
I use a point instead of comma and englisch language. I take the date with your help function by clicking on the calender.
Transfer is to German Version of xls.
Next Time I will change settings to German style immediately before transfer and switch back right after it.