Inventory zero warning

like ago to limit the sale when I do not have stock…


Many users sell inventory before they have it in stock. The items may be on backorder. They may be in transit. The seller may have arrangements for drop-shipping from the manufacturer. Manager will not prevent you from selling something you do not have on hand.

This has been raised many times. I don’t think anyone is saying it should ‘prevent’ you from selling stock, just a warning that the amount entered exceeds stock on hand.
A simple pop-up box with a warning and continue button would suffice, and a checkbox with the ‘Don’t Show This Message Again’ would satisfy those that don’t want it.
The best of both worlds…not just one!


:+1: Exactly. A warning (or better still, a pop-up display of available stock on hand) will be very helpful even though it is not required to prevent entry. It can be helpful in many ways.

Let me cite just one example (although there are many) where a warning or a pop-up display of available stock in hand when cursor is in quantity box (of an inventory item) will be helpful. In case of production orders, supposing one of the bills of material item is low in stock or zero, the user upon getting a warning/pop-up display (of stock on hand q’ty) knows that item is running low in stock or zero stock (out of stock). So, the user can take advance step to replenish the stock or corrective measures in case zero is result of any mistakes in earlier entry.

I will strongly suggest to put this topic in ideas if not already there


@lubos, Is there any way that something like this could be implemented given that it has been bought up quite a few times in the forums?

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Me too is for an optional setting to check if the sold items are below zero.

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When you create a delivery note from sales quote or invoice with 10-20-30 items it stops being an erp software and starts being a handwritten ledger. And this is because it carries over the quantities so its imperative to have this warning. You cant deliver 0 quantities nor can you spend 10 minutes in an error prone way for something that is solvable and should be imho. As a mass importer - exporter with 4-5 page long invoices, this is a handicap. You either have to print the quote and mark or strike throughout each line you’ve double checked, or risk get interrupted while checking.

I would like a red marking or a pop up warning with available owned and not owned quantities or a choice to lower the quantities to the available not yet invoiced products.

This ofcourse extends to other areas such as.
While preparing a sales quote for a customer, you can quickly in a custom cell of the list type pick to inform the customer which products are readily available and which are not, by getting quickly the info from the warning box.

@Tut @lubos

Any update sir about zero inventory warning or show stock popup while invoicing.?

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Is there any update.?


Any update on zero inventory warning or any suggestion plz?


This feature will make a very useful addition to Manager. I love to recommend Manager but I have lost many valyable prospective clients to other software providers because of the absence of this feature in Manager


That’s fine but I just want to note this, some of us use backordered sales to allocate quantities to customers (which appear on inventory items as Quantity to deliver).

@lubos, before changing this, please consider how can we manage backorder sales on inventory items. So that any implementation shouldn’t hurt or limit other valid workflows.

Anyway, I hope this idea be implemented as part of a more holistic solution that looks into better received and delivered quantity tracking from orders to invoices to deliveries as well as better purchase planning based on outstanding sales.

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This is the reason, my current employer didn’t use Manager for his company. Its sad.

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@Tut @lubos - is there any chance to insert a massage when we want to sale the inventory which is in transit or out of stock?

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Something like this would be ideal


that will be great if implemented, but coding is always difficult and complex work.


Or it is possible to create an animated news tape for everything we want, such as a reminder.

Or maybe someone could call to the house?

Why are these viewed as mutually exclusive options. What am I missing? :confused: