Improved "Advanced Search" function so the searches can be saved for quick access

The latest version (24.1.9) improves Advanced Search so it’s more compact and re-usable.

On most screens, where Advanced Search is available, when you click Advanced Search, it will show New Advanced Search option.


This will take you to new screen where you can select which columns should be visible and what filters should be applied.

For example, on screen Sales Invoices, we could create advanced search that shows Overdue invoices only.

After advanced search is created, you will be immediately taken to the results of advanced search.

You can Edit advanced search by clicking on its name next to Advanced Search option. In this case Overdue invoices.


When you use the program next time and click Advanced Search option. You will see your previously created advanced searches for easy access.


This concept works across most screens and is compatible with custom fields. So there are many possibilities how this feature can be used.


Hi Lubos,

Thank you for adding the Advanced Search especially the option to create a new one. So helpful, thanks!!!

Is it possible to add in all the Dates fields an option “is empty”, just like for the text fields? Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

Thank you @lubos for this great improvement on “Advance Search”
But I could not find the “in between” option on Date choice

It was like this before:


@Lubos, Thanks for your improvements but I see as @shan mentioned that the " Is Between" is missing which was the most important condition among other variables.


@lubos @Burhania
But I could get the same result as “is between” by:
for example: result for December 2023:
Adding two lines of date conditions as stated below:


The latest version (24.1.10) also adds Group By function to Advanced Search


As for In between filter removal. It was intentional as it’s no longer needed. @Shan solution is how it’s meant to be working now.


@lubos I usually print report every month, but always need to select first date and the end date of the month.

could you add dropdown list for each month, for the date? I believe It will be more efficient for all of the user.

If you click on the date icon then you get a typical day, month, year selector.

@lubos, seems that “is After or Before” works somewhat similar to “is Between”, how ever, it needs some thinking or focus to where something begins or ends. So, I strongly belief that “is Between” is more practical, user friendly and easy to use. I advocate that it would be better to be added to the system if technically possible.

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@Burhania the method earlier I mentioned is After and Before only which does not include the selected date itself as it was on “is Between” function.

But, for your question;

it can be achieved by doing the same way that we did before on“is Between” function, In this older way also we selected two dates for " in between"
In the new way too, we select two dates, as I mentioned below, giving me the same result as “is Between” function.
you may try this: (for December 2023)
@Burhania I did not oppose your request, but just letting you know the way I’m practicing now.

I support @Shan’s thinking. With “is between,” if you want results for a month, you must choose two dates, neither of which is during the month. With the “after and before” approach, the dates are both during the desired report period, because the selections include the dates themselves. And you still choose only two dates.


If there was a further change to the date search, rather than “in between” I would prefer relative date support. Datepicker Defaults - Feature Request - #2 by Patch

Good day for everyone,

how to amend or delete the already created advanced search?
I tried but couldn’t success.

Just click on it. It will reopen and you can amend or delete.

Advanced search doesn’t work with Multiple Value Custom Fields in the latest version (

Great new feature. Is it possible to fields on an invoice search like:
ex vat

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or even different types of vat

Have you tried?

I did, but I have version so I am going to update and try again

@Stewart Advanced Search works on columns that are available in Edit Columns feature. If a column that you require on any screen is not available, it’s best to create new topic as a feature request.