New Filter Options for Invoices

Request to add filter options like the ones in the screenshot attached with this message.

Thanks for suggestion but keep in mind, you can already do full-text search on invoices in current version.

For example, if your date format is dd/mm/yyyy and you are looking for invoices from December 2013, simply enter 12/2013 into search box in top right corner when in Sales Invoices tab.

Customizable filters where the user can select which field the filter applies is a very good feature for Manager.


even i agree, similar to google sheet if has filter options on every tab we can search for transactions according to our search criteria .

siliar way if there is any option to have conditional formatting and if we apply to any column

for example:
if we apply conditional formatting rule to the quantity column saying that quantities less than 1 should be in red color… then the cells will become red similar to what happens in excel or google sheets.

this way we can add few conditions formatting rules on different columns and in glance we can see whats going wrong or whats going more than perfect.

If you need complex searches then export the data to a spread sheet or user data base program and search there.

The search functionality within Manager should be aimed only to speed selection of record during data entry not data analysis. As such it needs to be simple, reducing a list length not exactly finding a unique subset.

In my opinion a simple text search combined with sorting by a column (click on the heading) is a good fit to requirements.

What is the use case to do more within Manager?

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if we can do everything by exporting the data to a spread sheet, then why does the developers spend so much effort in making summary tab and report tab?
They wanted us to have data analysis
I believe that the developers are trying add more features or reports.
an accounting software not only for data entry.

i believe that my suggestion can be hidden somewhere near the headers of the transactions. so, whoever need it they will use otherwise it will be as simple as it now.

i didnt ask for search functionality. i suggested conditional formatting feature so its a choice for a user.

Oops, sorry I didn’t read your post carefully enough and assumed you were on topic

I agree reports need elaborate search capability, as they do already and maybe further enhanced.

However what you request is a generalisation of the type of capability discussed for warning on stock levels, with user formulas as suggested for payslip or depreciation calculations. But more complex than any of these ideas as it could apply to any tab or column / field. That is a lot of programming work to develop and maintain. The result would require skills most users would not have to enable them to utilise the functionality.

Overall there are many other program ideas I would rate higher, but that is just my opinion.

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@lubos I would like to ask a small question (a feature that has been repeatedly requested)
Why is the custom filter not added
Quite how much it is in the data tables or Excel