Advanced Search Feature

I am requesting to add an advanced search feature.
here is the story:
When I want to search in the purchase invoice list for a single reference number.

This feature is cool.
But, we need a more specific search, Where I can find only specific purchase invoices by putting reference numbers in the advanced search feature.

When I search with #10, This should be highlighted only reference number.
Thanks in Advance


I had a similar request which is much easier to develop which is to pad every cell value with wrapper spaces so if the data is “10”, the cell should contain " 10 ".

This way when you search for " 10 ", you will never get “1010” in the search result. I know that this isn’t perfect but it should reduce the results by a lot.

Also it would preserve the current search method, which has the following advantages:

  • Speed. The search is completely done on your machine and there’s no need to index everything.
  • Custom fields shown as a column are automatically exposed to search.
  • Search multiple fields at once.
  • Most users know how to use this search. But most users wouldn’t bother to learn how advanced search works.

Edit: Padding your search with spaces already works. You can try searching for " 10 " and see if this is better already.

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You can search at a time words and number in search bar. for example if you need the specific entry so you should give some more references regarding that entry. I find help full Date and Code which i use for my entries.
For your specific entry you can use this formate in search bar. 23/12/2020 10 SIAM TRADE.

Difficult to put much information.

What you suggest would not accomplish what you want and would be lessening of capability.

Yes, it would find reference number 10. But it would still also find order 10, quantity 10, and street number 10, depending on the list you were searching. It would also eliminate the ability to search search for multiple strings, such as for 2021 invoices to Blue Sky Construction by entering “2021 Blue.”

A better way to find a single reference number is to combine search and sort functions. That very quickly narrows possibilities while preserving other capabilities.

Not lessening of capabilities.
You forgot my word, “#10
like google, some prefix or suffix can add more flexibility.
I want search reference number by adding “#”.

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That’s not a bad idea.

You cannot search for what is not there.

Mainly you need to search Invoice number… right?
If yes. then here is a simple solution.
Use “2021” OR “21” (Financial year /Current year) in suffix for Invoice Numbering
If you are producing up to 99999 invoices in a year. then start your 1st invoice number by using 2100001.
As manager is increase in previous biggest number so your next invoice Number = 2100002. and so on… (Must mark "Automatic reference" numbering during invoice making)

by this method you can easily separate the things in search bar.

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It’s not working.

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What’s not working?

It’s not working.

Sorry, but I do not know which part of this statement is not working.

Are you talking about the search or the invoice numbering?

I am talking about search.

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The suggestion was that if your numbering system was 210001, 210002, etc then it was most unlikely but not impossible for a search of 210415, for example, to come up with another document other than the one with the reference number 210415

Please provide screen shot for better understanding.
Then after I will try to help you more.

man… do not search with “”
please use sales invoice number starting with 2100001

then its easy to get your desired search result.
here 21 is the “2021” financial year or current year you can use as a prefix in invoice numbering.
hope that you can get my point.

After using that, its not working.

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now you know that you need to find 10 number invoice.
So in search bar you must write 2100010 to find. here 21 is prefix and then total 5digits is invoice numbering. so, for finding 10… you must write 2100010 in search bar.
hope you understand this.

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