Importing data from Xero

I am attempting to import data from XERO.


  • Create transaction report from XERO (csv), Convert CSV file TO OFX format.
  • IMPORT IOFX file into appropriate account.

Unfortunately, the transactions are not importing correctly and I am forced to delete each one and redo.


  • all transfers do not import as transfer
  • Debits are importing as RECEIVED
  • Credits are importing as SPENT

I use a CSV to OFX conversion program but wondering if it is the right one. Please assist. Been spending countless hours trying to do this and at wits end.

When you download bank statement from your bank, from the point of view of the bank, all credits are deposits and debits withdrawals. Manager and all accounting systems will turn debits into credits and credits into debits as to reflect your point of view.

Your CSV to OFX conversion program assumes you are converting CSV file provided by your bank rather than by another accounting system, that’s why it doesn’t reverse debits/credits.

The cleanest way would be to allow ability to import payments/receipts directly from spreadsheet as it is done in case of customers, suppliers, inventory items etc. Would it solve the issue for you? This way you wouldn’t have to mess around with conversion programs.

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