Bank feeds for real time accounting

Is cloud version likely to have bank feeds so that we don’t to manually enter each payment received into the bank account and can have real time accounting? This would be really helpful and is available from our programmes. When will this function become available?

You can import your bank account transactions - Import bank statements | Manager

I’ve read this guide multiple times and it doesn’t appear to work with my bank transaction list as a csv file. I choose the transaction list file that is a csv file but get the below error after I click the next button and can’t go any further with the process.

when in banking i can’t export a statement in any format other than pdf.
when i go to my transaction list and export it I only get the below options so i pick csv.

Open your .csv file in a spreadsheet such as Excel. The error indicates that some headers are missing but also lists a lot of repetitive ones. Only the first row of the CSV file should contain the headers. All other rows should only be content such as the debit amount. You need to add the missing header names (insert columns and name them such as Description.

Once finished save the file as MS-DOS Comma-separated Values (.csv) as per screenshot.
Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 23.24.45

Last time I looked Manager supported
*.940, *.camt530, *.csv, *.iif, *.ofx, *.qbo, *.qfx, *.qif, *.sta, *.swi, *.xml

  • *.qfx & *.qif = Quicken file format

  • *.iif & *.qbo = Quickbooks file format

  • *.ofx = Open Financial Exchange developed by Microsoft, Intuit and CheckFree. qfx is a proprietary variant of ofx

  • *.940 or *.sta = inter-bank SWIFT communication standard

  • *.camt530 = ISO 20022

So have you tried all the structured file formats your bank offers you fist? It’s easy to do, just download transactions in a period of interest in all of the formats your bank offers then try each in turn.

If none actually work .cvs is the backup option however that is a very imprecise standard so you will need to edit the bank supplied format to convert it to the exact format required by Manger

Thanks @Patch I’ll try this next time I’m in banking and will let you know how I go with it.