How to import bank statements as QIF or OFX files?

I just downloaded the mac version of Manager. I was navigating my way through the software. I could not discover the bank statement importing feature.

Have you created bank account under Bank accounts tab? If yes, click on bank account name, there is Import Bank Statement button.

Thanks Lubos…

How do I change the date of the opening balance of a newly created bank account. For example ,when I open a new bank account on 4th Oct the opening balance date comes as 04/10/2014 as default. If I have to change the opening date to say 01/10/2014, how do I do it? I tried the edit button but it does not let me change the opening date.

Go to Settings tab, then click Start Date to change the date for opening balances.

Loving Manager thanks.

Tried to import statements for the first time and having an issue that I couldn’t find the answer to here - may have missed it…

When I import the cvv file I get this error message:

CSV file is missing “Date” column

Do I need a program such as excel, which I don’t currently have, in order to format the columns?

Try exporting your bank transactions in QIF or OFX format. They work without any issues in my experience.

Thanks durkpotgieter. That did work for me. My bank was calling them other than there file type but all is working perfectly now. :smile:


The file types are from known application sometime listed by Banks as MS Money and Quicken that might be useful information for someone.

Perhaps you could use OpenOffice (free download) instead of Excel?

I believe you will find that “Excel” refers to a file format that many programs can read. Besides, you don’t need to be able to read the file, just import it. Manager does the reading.

Hi, i imported OFX file, but had a problem. Date and number format are Portuguese (Brazil) format, but when I open the bank account, the numbers do not correspond to the selected number format. For exemplo, if a have a thousand ($1.000,00) in the bank account, it will appear that i have one hundred thousand ($100.000,00). How do i fix this problem?

Send your OFX sample to

Hi, just downloaded the software and set up the account, I would like to import my bank statement and start working but I can’t click on the Bank account name because is not underlined…what i did wrong?

@Andrea, this has been changed (guides will reflect this change soon). Click on the amount under Statement balance column.

Done…Thanks :slight_smile:

Please how do i get the QIF and OFX formats?

From your bank. This has nothing to do with Manager. You may or may not have a choice of formats from the bank.

I take my csv file and use this web site its easy and free
convert to Quif

I’ve just updated to the latest version of Manager and the button to import the bank statement is no longer there. Is there a step I have missed?
The only option seems to be to receive money or spend money