My bank changed their software - help please!

I use Manager desktop and all has been fine until one of our banks changed their online software last Sunday. Normally I would export the transactions form their site to Manager via "Import Bank Statement’ in QIF format. QIF now only recognises deposits to the account so I have tried QFX format and this doesn’t differentiate between spending and receiving money. All amounts are treated as credits.
What other formats can I try? Have tried CSV but that doesn’t work either.

All available formats are listed here: Import bank statements | Manager. But I can’t believe a bank is exporting statements that do not, in some way, differentiate between deposits and withdrawals. I recommend speaking with someone at the bank.

OFX is the only one I haven’t tried yet. It was working perfectly last week but this week it behaves differently even going through exactly the same process. I have sent them a few email enquiries and screenshots showing the problem displayed but only automated responses so far and one that said they are ‘taking all comments onboard’. Social media is quite vocal about other issues too with this bank. I will try to call them today.

I recommend creating a backup before you import a file from your bank as well, if you’re expecting issues.

This way, you can simply revert to the backup and try again with a different file format - no need to manually delete all of those transactions one by one.

No need for one by one, at the base of a bank account transaction page there is a Batch Delete button

0 Bank Batch Del

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Thank you, I was suspicious beforehand and imported to a ‘test’ business so I could keep track of the transactions until the probem is fixed!

Bank contacted me today and they are now investigating my particular problem! Will post here when they work it out.