Import of Entries such as Salary

Just like Manager has time Saving Feature of importing employee list.
Why Can’t we have bulk import feature of importing some bulky transactions such as Employee Payslip and Salary Payment Entry.

I don’t think it is there till now but if it will be there it would be a super time saving feature for organization who calculate salary on excel file or any other software.
Actually recurring payslip is not a solution as salary depends on No. of Days present which requires calculation.

Thanks in advance if Manager’s technical team implement this suggestion.

If you are using other software to calculate and report on Payroll information, then you do not need to duplicate this in manager. Just import the total payroll data into an expense account and using the New Payment function to record the payroll expenses

No we don’t use any software, we have 500+ guards and we calculate salary in excel file and we want to record advance to these guard, payslip of these guards and payment of their salary through bank in manager.
That’s why this feature is must for organization with more number of employees/staff.


OK, that explains your request.

My reaction is that with over 500 employees, you would be better off using a payroll package to ensure compliance with payroll legislation in your country and for ease of processing that number of employees.

Manager is designed to be an accounting package and whilst it has some payroll functionality, it is not designed for bulk treatment of payslips as you have pointed out.

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Yeah I totally understand that Manager is accounting software but it would be great because it will save my cost and plus my data will be centralised in 1 software.

If possible you can try adding this feature.