Payroll function

So far manager is really helping us out and so very basic love that. When payroll function is added, it would complete the package for us.

Employees and Payslips already added and is working to some extent. @Lubos mentioned he is working on more though. Have a read Payroll Tax and Payroll Liabilities and Payroll

yep there it is stupid me

Just want to ask a question about payroll. I’ve entered my employee payments into payroll but they are coming up as liabilities still owing - why and how do I change that to paid?

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See this guide on how to pay employees:

How to record the traffic penalty and advance payments? Can you give me an idea?

For advance payments to employees, allocate the payment to employees to Employee clearing account as if you are paying them amount from payslip, then pay them less when payslip is actually created.

Not sure what you mean by traffic penalty. You can create new expense account called Fines and penalties and then categorize penalty payments to this expense account.

Traffic penalty for example exceed the speed limit. I think you mean traffic fines.

Employee payslip net pay = 2,000
I paid it. But this employee has a traffic fine payment. But i paid it too.

Employee clearing account shows ’ 0 ’
Traffic fines under expense shows 200

But i want to see employee clearing account ’ - 200 ’ when i click the employees tab. and traffic fines payment under expense 200. I can’t do it like this.

OK, go to Payslip items under Settings tab and create new deduction called Traffic fines. Link this deduction with expense account Traffic fines.

Then on payslip, add Traffic fines as a deduction with amount 200. This will bring net pay down to 1,800 but since you’ve already paid employee 2,000. Employee clearing account will show minus 200.

But now traffic fines shows - 200 and cash on hand - 2.000 like that. But i paid 2.200 cash money. How does cash on hand shows - 2.000. Is your solution right ?

Of course it shows -200 because you have deducted it from your employee’s pay. You still have to record the actual payment for the traffic fine to whoever has fined you. Then traffic fine expense account will show zero because you made an employee to pay for it by deducting it from their payslip. So it’s really not your expense.

How come you paid 2,200? You said in previous post you paid 2,000 to employee. So you mean you paid 2,000 to employee and 200 for traffic fine?