Import old database

I used to use the desktop version back in 2017 and still have my old data. I’m looking to start back up using that data so I’ve installed the latest version. When I point the application data path at my old location it says “does not contain and data”. If I try to import the old database it says “invalid file format”. The data I have is the old database that I kept on a network file share, not a backup created in the software.

How can I got about reconnecting with my old data?

Here’s what my old file hierarchy looks like:



Would you be able to zip your data send to ?

Alternatively, instead of changing directory, empty your current Manager application data folder and move your backup data into Manager current application data directory. New version should automatically convert to the latest version.

Thank you! That worked great. I copied my old files into the default directory, opened Manager, it upgraded the files. I then closed Manager and moved the new files to my network share, reopened Manager and pointed the path to my network share and all is well.