Import new business is not working with windows XP

I have just loaded the Manager software on a PC where windows XP is the operating system. this has to be maintained as an older version of hotel software is linked with this machine and which we can’t use it with newer versions…

i could not able to Import new business is not working with windows XP.
even i couldn’t able to minimize the screen,

is there any compatibility issue with windows XP

Can you show some screenshot what you see? Or how far did you get?

After that if i click import backup, the button is not responding…

same is the case with batch create

see the below snapshots

then when i click next, the button is not responding…

the functions are working with other OS like window7 etc…

And all other buttons are working? E.g. can you for example create a journal entry?

yes, i have checked some transactions and it is working.

i think only data from outside software is not uploading

Try this, do Batch create function but try to paste only first 5 rows, not the whole spreadsheet.

same was done , but not successful…

is there an issue with 32 and 64 bit operating system Windows xp
installed windows XP is 32 bit

Dear sir,

Is there any way to us this software on Windows XP ??

I am using this software on Windows 8 but i need to work on Windows XP also

Sorry, Windows XP is no longer supported.