Import Business


I have Manager version 21.11.5 downloaded in Mac, I would like to import business on Manager Latest Version but data are not the same once imported on latest version.

Please assist us!

You haven’t said anything if you say “data are not the same” what is not the same?

You can add screenshots if you are seeing error messages.

I mean the data are not matching, for example in version 21.11.5 my Petty Cash Balance is 2,000.00 while once imported to the latest Manager version, the Petty Cash Balance is 5,000.00.

Have you made any backups? Check to ensure you are not selecting the wrong backup. You may have uploaded the backup from the wrong folder or file.

I made the most recent backup and made sure that the was the same file I uploaded. Still getting the same error.

You need to show some screen shots illustrating what you are saying - it is almost impossible to diagnose a problem without screen shots

It is most unlikely that the new version has a different balance unless there is something wrong with the opening balances or they way the opening balances were entered

You need to be a bit analytic and discover when the discrepancy occurs

Hi @Joe91,

Please see below screenshots made at Version 21.11.5 & 22.10.23.

See the cash balance differences.

You will to drill down on one of the accounts to see what transactions are missing

This error is showing on all accounts.

I can see that, but select the one with the fewest entries and drill down to see what transactions are missing

Also, are any transactions showing in the supense account - there were many changes in Manager between 21.11 and 22.10

And presumably, the dates on the two Summary screen are the same - please show them