Imgaes size is bulging and not aigning in customised theme

I am having alignment issue with the images used in customised themes after update to old version. This issue i found only after version:22.3.13 onwards. before these versions images and alignments are working fine.
I am using windows 10 -64 bit operating system & desktop version. Please see attached screen shots for help.

have you looked at this thread Print as pdf and pdf are totally different - #11 by Tut

yes . i tried scaling the size of image in coding in custom theme changing width & height. But it does not make any effect on output when generating invoice in latest versions. after 22.3.13.
Also this issue during generating any forms itself (invoice , quote using customised themes), not printing as a PDF.
Note: i customised theme to show these images in bottom of page , not as header (image-7)