Ideas - Recurring Sales/Purchase Orders

Dear @lubos,

Is it possible to implement both as for the invoices? We emit recurring proforma using the order module and convert them to invoices once we receive the money. It would save us a lot of time.

Proforma invoice should be entered under Sales Quotes tab.

As far as making other types of transactions recurring, I will need to reshuffle how it shows under Settings tab. There are already 4 icons related to recurring transactions.

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If I can suggest it should be done as “Form Defaults”. in settings you’ll have only on icon “Recurring Transactions”. At first level you will have the list with all the transaction typologies. You click on one of them and you’ll have the list of the existing recurring transactions of that type.

I support this idea, Since we are also following the method, Is there any way we can achieve Similar functionality, Now i am using Manager 22.1.11

Added to the latest version (