Recurring sales orders

Can we have a recurring sales order aswell as a recurring invoice.

a sales order is created only on receipt of a purchase order from your customer with its reference. so i do not think there is any practical use of having a recurring sales order before knowing the purchase requirements of the customer.

Think before you speak. Let say your customer gives you 52 orders and they are using one job reference for the whole job one a week for the exact same items creating a invoice is not going to work as you then have to copy it to a sales order then print a pick slip so the goods can be picked and shipped.

Creating a recurring invoice is so much more of a stupid idea as you may still require a purchase order number before invoicing. At least with a sales order that dollar value is not getting added to.your summary total on the home page.


you should enter the 52 orders if the customer has given you 52 orders. you have Clone option to duplicate orders.
your initial question sounded like having a recurring sales order in anticipation of the said 52 orders. there is no recurring concept in sales orders with the same reference. either they gave you 52 separate orders or they gave you a single order with 52 scheduled deliveries. if it is the latter then it is your choice to enter them as separate sales orders. anyway in both cases it is still not a recurring sales order. also, your concept of having recurring sales orders will have their own dates while the original order received has only a single date of issue.

i wonder where in my reply i ever mentioned anything about recurring sales invoices.

Keying 52 orders or even cloning takes time you can change a purchase order number when the goods get invoiced out. The company I work with we have customers who use a consignment order number for months on end even for the whole billing year. In australia we pay taxes based.on what we expect to earn then then that gets corrected at the end of tax time. A recurring sales order can be used for different jobs where you have to supply the same items again and again on a schedule basis. You.only need a customer reference number if they choice to supply one it’s not a mandatory business function. We supply bolt kits to builders and the orders domt change. While I agree you can clone each time a order arrives why not have it set so when you work it is waiting to be printed as a pick slip and then gets sent out. Stop trying to force outdated methods of data entry. When there can be a easier option people might like to have

Having different dates is not an issue at all aslong as goods supplied to customer on date specified to schedule.

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A recurring sales order is not any different to a recurring sales invoice. Except you.have the option to print a pick slip or a delivery note.

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What do you mean by this, @Emily_Deary? Where (on what transaction form) are you referring to changing purchase order numbers? You just said your customers might use the same purchase order number for many consecutive orders. So why would you change one?

And yes, it takes time to clone 52 sales orders. But it would also take time to create 52 recurring sales orders. Recurring transactions are not automatically created. Only the reminder that recurring transactions are pending is automatic. You still must click on the advisory notice that tells you one or more is pending. Then you must edit and create it. And you must repeat the process for every single one, even if several are past due. Cloning would be exactly the same amount work, except your first click would be in a different place.

What does this have to do with sales orders?

I believe @sharpdrivetek’s suggestion was to clone all 52 when you receive the master order. That would be better than having to remember to do so every week. Your concept that something will be waiting for you when you get to work suggests you have no experience with recurring transactions in Manager. As mentioned above, they are not created automatically and will not be “waiting for you.” Only reminders are generated automatically.

A recurring sales invoice gives you exactly the same possibility.

The easiest way to handle the situation you have described is to enter one sales order when the purchase order is first received, specifying the 52 deliveries. Then, immediately set up a recurring sales invoice covering the 52-week period. Now, every week, you will be reminded to invoice for that week’s delivery. Create the sales invoice and copy it to a delivery note.

The warehouse picks items from a pick slip not a delivery note I dont care what country you live in so your way means create recurring invoice when the time comes to send goods out you have to copy to a new sales order then print a pick slip and then invoice it out. If you have the purchase order is not a required field any most cases. Why cant we just have a recurring pick slip aswell. Clone is fine if your employees remember to do it. Lets remove the human factor from the process. If I have to select all recordings orders customer every monday. That’s fine.

A invoice does not give you the function to print a pick slip which might have item locations. I am using server edition why dont you check the process

You said

But it would also take time to create 52 recurring sales orders

This is wrong ad you only create one recurring order then you select how long it goes for. Check your facts. Just ignore the the purpose have order number and let’s look at recurring orders with the same iems. In a ware house items are assigned to a bin locaction / shelf and it has a slotted number or letters none of this prints on invoices or delivery notes you.only want it on pick slips. If you have invoices in the system I am paying tax even if I have not got payment yet so creating a invoice before goods are sent it a stupid idea. You create a sales order then it gets picked and any items not in stock are put to back order then you create a invoice or delivery note.

It’s the same as recurring invoices for which I use in the wife’s mowing business I know you have to press a reminder that it correct then you hit create and all invoices are created then you can email out. I want to be able to do this for sales orders aswell why cant we but in stead of printing invoice the warehouse will print a pick slip. You just seem to be looking for ways do things with current process to make it fit your own needs and that is fine. I want to be able to click the reminder and have the warehouse pick any sales orders you might have lots of customers with recurring orders . Rather then me creating all orders and waiting to print them.out when needed or cloning. That is slow. @lubos can we have a recurring sales order function please

This depends on whether you are using accrual or cash basis accounting. See

It is difficult to respond to any of your other comments. For one thing, you have referred 12 times to “pick slips.” There is no such transaction or form in Manager, so it is impossible to tell in those cases what you are referring to.

For another thing, you have not answered the questions you have been asked. So no one can engage in a discussion with you.

Tne thing I can discern from your many posts is that you seem to have the idea that recurring sales orders will allow you to print something in groups. That is not true. No matter what the transaction type, recurring transactions must be printed individually, even after several have been created at a time.

I do not want to i print in batches what gave you that idea I use the sales order screen with custom fields for item locations in a warehouse and that is what get printed and items put to back order. All I want is the ability to have recurring sales orders just like the invoice function. Can you not understand or are you to set in your ways for a forum moderator. You should try and have a better understanding of how process work. In all environments you like to but in when you cant grasp the concept or a recurring sales order function. Dont point out I dont know how to use it I do already it also helps plan my weeks of work. I dont for the mowing side time is money.
Here is the process for most countries

Customer purchase > Sales Order > paperwork to warehouse usually called a pick slip > delivery note or invoice.

A recurring invoice. Does not show the custom fields I use and it shouldn’t. And it doesn’t matter if you use cash or accrual basis in australia if you earn $150,000 in the next quarter you have to pay tax based on that if you earn less the you get adjusted after the quarter.

A recurring sales order function is alot more useful then cloning function. If you dont understand go find another thread to read. Alot of users have made suggestions for improvements of this program features that are available to other programs like xero and myob we use manager cause we like it and has more customised functions and as a moderator you should not only be helping but also be able to communicate other users information to the developers.

If I set a recurring invoice when the warehouse need to print a sales order you have to do the following.

Copy to new sales order > then print sale’s order to warehouse > remove old invoice > then reinvoice when order is ready. Do you see the backwards step taken here?

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You wrote: “I want to be able to click the reminder and have the warehouse pick any sales orders you might have lots of customers with recurring orders . Rather then me creating all orders and waiting to print them.out when needed or cloning. That is slow.”

Your references to “…warehouse pick any sales orders” and “lots of customers with recurring orders,” combined with your comment about “…waiting to print them [emphasis added]…” gave me the impression you wanted to print them all at once rather than the slower method of printing transactions individually. Apparently, I misunderstood.

To address another of your concerns: You keep making reference to payment of taxes based on estimated income. This process is unrelated to sales orders, invoices, or your choice of accrual or cash basis accounting. If you owe the estimated tax, you owe it regardless of whether you have yet accounted for the income. It is the actual tax whose timing is dependent on the choice of accrual or cash basis accounting, because timing of recognition of income varies.

Further, I never recommended creating sales invoices until individual deliveries were made. Regardless of whether you are using accrual or cash basis accounting, that is an appropriate time to raise sales invoices.

My recommendation only covered how to enter your sales orders. Your own example covered a customer order 52 deliveries at once. If you are going to bother with using sales orders at all, you might as well use them to reflect your actual situation. If the customer has ordered 52 deliveries, you should include them all on a sales order, either one order for all 52 deliveries (possibly with separate line items) or 52 different sales orders. The 52-order approach is most easily handled by cloning.

Recurring sales orders would not accurately reflect your order book in the situation you described in your example. The customer has ordered, but you have not entered the orders. And for other situations, where the customer has not ordered, but you expect them to, you are entering prospective transactions on the basis of a hope. In the case of recurring sales invoices, you can decide whether or not to create the sales invoice based on factors important to you. The same would be true of recurring purchase invoices or payslips. But how would you decide whether to create the recurring sales order after receiving a reminder? Unless the customer is sending you periodic confirmations, you would be guessing. And if they are sending those periodic confirmations, that is the time to enter a sales order.

Look dont even bother you dont understand you can not put all deliveries on one sales order think ahead you can supply lots of items on invoice and if the customer gives you a contract to supply all items over a 52 week period but they still want to have separate invoices for each delivery. If a recurring sales is not even an idea to the developers then dont even worry about replying I see over the past 2 years people have asked for this and recurring purchase orders.

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I am sorry you keep insisting on misreading and misrepresenting everything I say. I have tried to help you understand how to do what you want within accepted accounting practices. You are welcome to do as you wish.