Recurring purchase invoices

In the vein we have payslips and sales invoices, I’d like to see purchase invoices.

My use case is through rental (mainly) but a few minor “others” like phone, internet etc.

Where you know you have bills recurring, it would be handy to have a setup like payslips and sales invoices.

yes, I know about cloning, but you can clone a sales invoice and payslip as well. You can “recur” them as well!

I’d be interested to hear how other people deal with this scenario.


This has been discussed so many times, I don’t know why it never made it to the Ideas category. Now it has.


I recall seeing a comment about this recently - possibly from lubos. I think his point was that we control payslips and sales invoices… but with purchase invoices, while we might know that they’re a regular monthly occurrence, we aren’t the ones that issue them, and therefore it’s not really our responsibility to create them until we receive the invoice from our supplier.

That said, I think it would be helpful to serve as a reminder that we need to log a particular subscription in Manager. If I get notified on the 10th of the month that my phone bill is usually issued around this time, I can go and retrieve the bill they sent me and attach it to the new purchase invoice immediately.

TL:DR; I see benefit in this too and would appreciate having it available.

Quick comment though - the title of thread is a little deceiving. Instead of “Recurring payments” perhaps it should say “Recurring purchase invoices”?

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In general, @ShaneAU, I agree with the thought you expressed (whether it is also your personal opinion or not). For repetitive purchase invoices, I find cloning more than adequate. But I can also imagine situations where someone might want to have that reminder. Remember, something being in the Ideas category isn’t meant as an endorsement, just an opportunity for feedback.

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