IDEA - Save Journal Entry Templates

I think that it would be useful, since everybody uses journal entries for things not automated by Manager, to have the possibility to save, assigning a name, templates of partially precompiled journal entries. Abviously they should be easily recalled with some sort of quick links.

Yes, or just use the duplicate function :slight_smile:

Yes you can… but with the duplicate function you have to search around all the lines to find something similar, view the journal entry and clone it. And it will also clone the values and part that are not useful for the new one.

So exactly which fields in a journal entry would be prefilled under your suggestion, since you apparently don’t want values entered?

Hi @Tut,

everything except numbers (maybe a 0 on the right side, if debit or credit):
the lines’ schema
the accounts
the description (if needed)
the tracking codes (if needed)

I know, it can be done with the clone button, but you have to search between all the entries…

Not if you use key words/codes at the start of the “Narration” field that identifies the Journals main purpose.
If the key can’t be seen on the Journals opening screen then click on the Narration column heading to sort them for easy key recognition.

@Brucanna, @tut, a templare is something very different from copying and paste something old.

Think also if you, like myself, have to manage many different companies. It’s something you can export import easily without having to be afraid of the impacts on numbers.

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@Davide, I believe your idea of using custom fields, shown in the journal entries listing, is a better solution than templates. It will be immediately accessible when first entering into the tab. A list of templates somewhere would require more clicking around to find what you need. And you would essentially have every journal entry ever entered available as a template without having to create one in a separate action.

But, as you said, the custom fields don’t show. So I moved your post to its own topic so the problem can be fixed without reference to this topic.

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