GUI layout suggestions

Just me with my little thoughts.

I was thinking it might make more sense to move customise into the settings area and to rename it add/remove modules rather than call it customise.

Secondly, very few people will ever use the Journal Entries option, so I am wondering if that should not be a default option to view if its only used for rare cases.

I have already mentioned in another topic about having collapsible tabs like customers and under customers having quotes, sales orders, sales invoices etc so as to reduce the number of options on the left as well as having the option to collapse the actual left hand and drag it out again with an arrow!

Just my thoughts on the gui layout. Thanks

It’s more intuitive to have Customize link right under what is being customizable. Newer versions are making it even more intuitive because an arrow is pointing at it if the business file is brand new. Also, it means one less option under Settings tab.

I agree with you but journal entries are bedrock of double-entry accounting together with chart of accounts, balance sheet and profit & loss statement. Even if business would never use it, accountants would typically make at least one journal entry at the end of accounting period. Either to distribute retained earnings or some other adjustments.

I do want to discourage users from using journal entries so it might not be default in future.

Some users only use Customers and Sales Invoices without quotes, orders, delivery notes etc. The group “Customers” would look a bit silly if it would group only two tabs, don’t you agree?

I’m not concerned about number of tabs. If your business is managing wide variety of data, well you will have more tabs. But that’s OK because each tab is called what is actually contains so you never have to think where to look for it. For example, you need to look up Sales Invoice? Click Sales Invoices tab. The same goes for every single tab. “Don’t make me think” is principle I use when making usability decisions.

Not to mention, this whole mechanism makes it very intuitive when using Manager in multi-user context. When setting up restricted user, just give me access only to appropriate tabs and the user interface looks good even if 90% of features are disabled.

They were just my thoughts. Everyone thinks differently. To me its more logical to put customise in the settings as to me its a setting that you set once and don’t tend to go into again. But I see where you are coming from as well. I am not really worried about it, just something that I thought that I would mention.

I do think that journal entries should not be a default because most people using the program are not accountants and because newcomers are likely to think that they are expected to use that feature!

With tabs, its not like the number is so large that one is scrolling up and down. I guess that I just like a minimalist look but appreciate that not everybody shares that opinion. Again just something that I was thinking about. But its not really an issue. I would be more interested in getting the status of the quotes to sales orders implememented as that is something I will need.

Thanks for the time to respond as it wasn’t really anything important in this post.