Idea: Birthday, Joining date and Last day of Employee

Yes we can add a custom column note, the birthday or Joining date of employee. But its nice if its by default and can be select by calendar.
One other thing about the “Inactive” Check box of the employee… its great if manager also record the date of Inactivation of employee… (Last date of employee in the Company) Because in most of the companies, Employee provide resign latter before one or two months.

I think that’s a small but required things in the software. Manager team can Decide batter.

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I don’t believe you will see this. This is exactly the sort of thing custom fields are meant for. And while these three things may be important for you, other things will matter to other businesses. The fact is, you don’t even need to define custom fields. You could put this information in the Additional information field.

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There have been requests to have calendar in custom fields.
And then also imagine if you could tick a box like “Remind if date is due” to remind the user to check that entry.
This is an example of a use case.
I have a column in customers called “date of next contact” I use it to remind me of the date I will contact that customer for collection or selling again.
Imagine if I had calendar/date selector with a reminder option to manage this situation. You click on customers and the date appears in red to show u past dates, and blue or green for due today and another colour for like 3 days to due date.

I’m just dreaming

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This idea is AWESOME.

Like it

Yes, Very Good Idea…
So if the Calendar, available as a custom field… then we have ability to use as a reminder… for different different things…:+1:

@lubos @Brucanna any view on this Idea?