How to add employee joining date in employee

How to add employee joining date in employee profile to calculate the payroll based on joining date for first month
Can we add calendar in payroll to mark the absent
how can calculate the overtime through system

You can create an Employee custom field called Start Date and define it as a Date.
However Manager does not calculate pay per se but you can enter hours worked and an hourly rate or days worked and a daily rate but any deduction and contribution have to be calculated manually. Manager is not a payroll system


This can then be entered on the Employee form and can be printed on the payslip, if required

This is three separate questions:

Add a custom field. See

No. Manager has no attendance record recordkeeping. If there are deductions for days missed, just enter fewer days or hours paid.

Define an overtime payslip earnings item. See You might also want to define a default payslip with an overtime category and rate already on it. See