Single user operation from multiple locations

Can I access one database on a file server from two separate computers? I operate from my house and have a computer on the first floor with an office on the third floor (10 foot ceilings). Being able to access database from more than one source would be welcomed by my knees.

Yes, the Server or Cloud editions are designed as multi-user/location systems

Thanks for the reply. I don’t need multi-user capability for one and I’m not interested in the cloud for operations. I just want to use desktop at two locations with one database.

You can do this with the desktop edition, also. Change the application data folder location to a drive accessible by both machines. This could be a DropBox location, for example. Then be sure that both machines have the same software version all the time.

I don’t know whether you’d have to sign out on one machine before accessing the data file on the other. A little experimentation would reveal that. The point is that Manager stores nothing in your application. All data is stored in separate data files called by the application.

Multi-user or multi-location is the same thing - more then one computer looking at the same database.

Yes, by using the Server edition

I am new to Manager. In Manager I would prefer to see a setup naming the database location. C:\Manager\database for example. Then this is where the database would be created and available on a single user basis. One cannot log into the database simultaneously from two locations. Only one location at a time. Other packages have this capability.

It’s not the same.

You can setup your database location under About Manager

If you use a location as per the above suggestion “Dropbox” (or with Windows 10 - OneDrive) then you can access the database from two locations but only one location at a time - but as also mentioned - both computers must have the same version of the Manager Desktop edition.

Thanks. Will try and report back.

I did the setup Tut suggested. It works as long as the folder is set up as a share on the server such as:
//SERVER/folder_path It didn’t work connecting the folder as a mapped drive. I did not check simultaneous (the one user from two desktops) access as I don’t plan to use it that way.

Thanks for the input.

Hello Tut,
thanks for your valuable advice to date.
I use Manager IO on my laptop and want to be able to open the database on another computer via WiFi.
I have WiFi hooked via modem ( Netgate Nighthawk X8 model D8500) to both computers using Computer#1 as the host and Computer #2 which is able to read and write to all the contents from Computer #1, even CRM database(by opening port 4043).
I am a single user and am happy to just open Manager in one computer at a time.
I guess what I am looking for and have noticed others alluding to the same question is where is the database stored and what is it called. If I have this information am I then able to direct Computer #2 to open it from computer #1
I have the same version of Manager on both Laptops

I accidentally sent the query, without supplying the stats
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Toshiba Laptops one with i5 and the other i7
Operating from current desktop version
kind regards

@Mifs, read the Guide: Manager Cloud. It describes the basic procedures for using remote databases. Of course, you only need to change the application data path on the machine you are not using as the host.