How to add Date field as a column next to Description on invoice template

I am new to the Manager.
I need to add the Date of Service on the invoice for the services I provided. The invoice date is normally different to the date we provide the service. Our invoices usually are with multiple services on different dates as well. So it would be reasonable to add a Date field for each item/service.
Is it possible to add a Date field as a column next to the Description column on invoice?

I add a “Service Date” on all my invoices. You can do the same by going to Settings, Custom Fields, add a new Custom Field at the Sales Invoice Line.
Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 1.22.45 pm

Please note that even though you specify the field as a DATE - it unfortunately is just a free-format field - but at least you have something to work with

@dandx, the advice from @clive is good, but the illustrations and procedures are all out of date because they come from an old version of the software. Read the Guide: Use custom fields | Manager. Make sure you create a date-type custom field.

Got it & have the Date field inserted as a date-type!
Thank you both of you @Tut & @clive
You are amazing! :smile: :+1: