Change date format in Payslip


How to change the payslip date format ?

Thanks Screenshot_1


i need to change this like 22-May-18

Have you read the guide Set date format which explains to select different date formats?

yes i have red, but there is no way to use the dates like 16-Jun-2018

There is “16-jun 18” I or “16-6-2018” - is that not near enough?

If not, can you explain why you need a particular date format?

I can’t imagine your employees complaining about the format of the date as long as they are paid the right amount on the right date

Researching the history of this topic on the forum, you will discover that Manager used to take date formats from the underlying operating system settings. Then, the ability to override those settings was added. But other modifications pertaining to date formats have also been made.

The exact source of currently available options is not clear to me, but it is possible they are still tied to those available in your operating system.