HTML Themes on Purchase Order

Is it possible to apply HTML Themes on Purchase Orders as well?

We mail this out to our suppliers. It’d be nice to have a consistent design of all outgoing mails for both customers and suppliers.

Not yet but it might be actually possible by end of this week. The idea is to allow HTML customization on all external documents such as sales invoices, sales quotes, credit notes, customer statements, remittance advices, receipts, purchase orders, delivery notes, payslips etc. so you can have consistent look across all documents.

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Hi Lubos.

I was just wondering if or when View Templates will be included across all documents?
I know you have been extremely busy with the new Disbursements Tab and really appreciate all your hard work. I cant praise Manager enough !

When can we expect the feature to customize various documents like Sales Quote, Purchase Order, Receipt, etc.? As of now I can find the option for Sales Invoice only…Going by this forum discussion, I feel it is long due…

Yeah, that’s right… it’s long overdue. The main reason was that the original implementation I did was not good so I did change the implementation twice, then improved again… basically this has been a huge learning process for me to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I will rolling out support for remaining documents such as quotes, orders, receipts etc. within 2-3 months.

so if we have the templates out for the purcahse orders and sales qoute and the purchase invoice… will we need to upgrade the software that we r using now…or will it justr upgrade by itself and can we hv automatic changes on the receipt and also customize it abit… thanks

@krishneelkumar, upgrades are never automatic unless you are on cloud edition.

@lubos Any updates on editing the themes of purchase orders? I’d really like to change the theme as we need to send it out to our suppliers. Thanks in advance.