Email Templates - addition

Hi @lubos, I have a need for purchase invoice template. Is it possible for this to be added please?

ability to set a template for Purchase Orders is already available in Manager.


Thanks @sharpdrivetek, I actually made an error in my post. I use purchase invoice and inadvertently referred to order. Having activated purchase orders I do see that the option is there.

Why would you want to email a purchase invoice, @PeterW59? That is an internal document, recording an incoming sales invoice from a supplier.

Best described as myself as an intermediary sending it to the accounts department for payment.

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I have a need for an email template for sales orders. Is it possible to add more options to the list of email templates? I don’t understand why it is so restricted. Why sales invoices, but not sales orders? Why purchase orders, but not purchase invoices? Thanks

Bumping this topic.
Can we please have a second email template for Invoices?
Use case:
The first step in our process to follow up on an overdue invoice for individual customers (ie: not a company with multiple invoices in which case we send a Statement) is to send an email reminder with their invoice attached. As we have the Manager invoice template already in use, we are currently having to save the invoice from Manager as a PDF and then send through our email client in order to use a Payment Reminder template. It would be so much quicker to be able to do this straight from Manager. Please consider @lubos.
Edit - I notice this is also in the ideas category under Multiple email templates for sales invoices

You can already do that because email template supports the same variables as themes. For example, if you want to have different template for overdue invoices than for other invoices, here is the pseudo-code:

{% if emphasis.text == "Overdue" %}
Dear Client,
Your invoice is overdue.
{% else %}
Dear Client,
Please see your invoice
{% endif %}

Then see what happens when you try to email overdue invoice and what happens when you try to send invoice that is not overdue.


Brilliant. Worked an absolute treat. Thank you.