Invoice Look & Feel

Is there a way of modifying the appearance and the general look and feel of the invoices?
If there isn’t, will be a way somewhere near? (I think i had seen an estimate for January somewhere here).

Currently we are using manager only for recording purposes, and the only reason for not going full is the appearance of the invoice. Our problem is that the template is like an “alien” for the country standard (as far as i have seen). I am uploading our current invoice (in Greek) just for an example.


Yeah, initially my plan was to just add CSS support but after I’ve received number of design samples of what people want to achieve, I’ve realized CSS is not going to cater for all possibilities (including your example of an invoice).

So now I’m looking at full-blown HTML template support which is finally going to cater for any scenario. I have it all worked out so it won’t take long before it’s implemented. Should be still this month.


I also look forward to this. I was going to ask if you had anything planned. Great that you have it in the pipeline. This app is a ripper. Keep up this excellent work Lubos.

Will you update us here, when this feature will be finished, so that we can get in and download that version?

I hope to do it by end of this month so you will be informed in July newsletter.

Each month’s letter comes @ the last day? (asking cause i registered today, so i don’t know if i missed it)

I’m working on invoice look & feel functionality today, newsletter is usually sent in the first week of the month.

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Done. Have a look at Introducing HTML/CSS templates

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Dear Lubos, I am waiting for your reply. I want Tax column compulsary on each sales invoice, whether tax rate is same or different for all items. And table height should be about 10 rows of items, whether there is 1 item or 2 items or 10 items. Please suggest me how to customise CSS…