Sales Quotes HTML template

Is already known when we can adjust the sales quote via HTML?

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I want to start working on this as soon as possible. The problem is, I’m still ironing out issues with customization of sales invoices. I see sales invoices as a great testing ground to make sure the feature is really solid before replicating it across whole system.

So I don’t have ETA yet but it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks from now.

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Best Lubos,

The sales invoice layout have to adapt completely to my taste. and also all work quite right.

Best Lubos ,

Did you have any idea when we can change the layout of all the documents?

Please release the custom View Template for Sale quote ASAP, please. I so far have found everything I need with the HTML customization already after a few tried even without your answer yet to most of my questions.

So I fully support and actually was about to post for request for the very same feature.