How to type in data, (how to issue invoices) while internet is out

In our place sometimes internet out for several hours (about 6 to 10 hours) when the submarine cable was cut. We like to know how can we use manager io to printout invoice and how can we sync (merge) the data (off line data) with Cloud version, when internet connection back again.

This is not possible.

If you need multi-user access and don’t have good internet, the only option would be to use server edition which can be installed within your office. This way all users can continue access the program even if you are offline.

thanks for the advise. May i explain our intention,

  1. We have branch office in 3 different cities.
  2. We are using Cloud version of Manager IO,
    In Manager IO, We setup 3, different company name for 3, different locations.
  3. The reason for using cloud is our head office can see, and monitor the activities & data of each different branch office.
    How can we do it? If server version.
    Can head office go and see (Login) the branch office server?

They can if your server is configured to allow access from the Internet. You will need to get IT person to help you with setup though.

thanks, this can solve our issue.
but data security & server security may not be as secure as your Cloud version.

Possibly. If people have physical access to the server (e.g. it’s not in a locked room), it probably won’t be as secure. But generally staff won’t touch what they are told not to touch.

Also, if you allow access from the Internet, you need to make sure the server only accepts HTTPS connections so the connection between head office and individual branches are always encrypted. This is again something IT person can set up properly.

You can also look into setting up a VPN between office locations, if security is a huge concern. This allows you to make the Manager server in your physical office location accessible only to people in that physical office … but management can securely connect over VPN and access the Manager server as if they’re in the same office. It’s more secure than opening up to web traffic on the Internet, even if you are using HTTPS.

More info: Virtual private network - Wikipedia

An IT person can help you with this, too.