Off line Recording of transactions

I’m on manager cloud edition, but we need to be able to enter transactions
offline at the areas where internet facility not available. ( we use manager for sales done by sales reps on the field)
Do you have that facility in the cloud edition to update the or enter
transactions off line and post when internet is available???

No. When you use the cloud edition, the program is not resident on your machine, but on a Manager server.


But is there a way we can install the server edition on the mobile device
and transfer the data to the cloud edition???

Sanjeewa Weerakkody

Manager can not be installed on mobile devices (IOS or Android). Mobile devices can only connect to the Cloud edition over the internet.

Mobile devices could also connect to your own server edition over the internet. Essentially, you cannot mix editions. While you can transfer backup files between them, having several users go back and forth between them will inevitably cause great problems. And no matter what you do, there is no off-line mode. One user could use the desktop edition and transfer data to cloud or server. But multiple users cannot do this unless they can be restricted to only one working at a time. Obviously, that is not a solution.