Using manager cloud offline

Hi, I have been using Manager Desktop and wanted to move to Cloud edition. However I do have several concerns and suggestions if workable.
Our Internet connectivity in Uganda is really bad and on and off so the current Cloud edition that requires full internet connectivity is a disservice to me. My problem is that i want to have several users located in different remote areas of Uganda where internet is very bad.
My question and suggestion would be is it possible for you guys to have Manager Cloud installed in the desktop or device - phone or tablet so that I can access my financial data even when offline or in a remote area and also to be able to input data, make sales and purchase invoices even when offline and when am connected onto internet, it updates automatically like on the cloud storage applications like Dropbox and Google drive?
Please advise how i can overcome this dilemma.

Manager doesn’t support syncing like Dropbox or Google Drive. Mostly because Dropbox and Google Drive are syncing individual files which are not depending on eachother.

With accounting software, things get way more complicated.

If you can’t depend on internet connection but need multiple users in the same location to be able to access Manager at the same time, then the best solution would be locally deployed Manager Server. This way your server continues to be working even if the office is offline.

My answer is impossible to work with multiple users @ different location with bad internet connectivity. It can only be done if the users are in the same intra network (local area network) and work with Manager Server as lubos suggested.

I see no other option but for each user from remote locations to send their Manager files periodically to the central office for sales invoices and purchase invoices to be extracted manually and entered into the Server accounting file.

Thanks for the replies, i will see what works best for me.


  1. Run the accounting as separate businesses at each location. Use a local server or desk top version of Manager at each location (where it runs on each locations intranet). Branch offices could be set up so someone in the central office could remote login when required and the internet is working. Alternatively branch offices IT could be set up to periodically back up to head office, enabling local replication there.
  2. Run manager server at the main office. Remote offices login and up date central records when the internet is working. When internet is not working, remote sites could uses phone enquires, or keep external records then update the Manager server when the internet is working or email the external record to head office for data entry there.

No.2 can be done with syncthing