Email setting

I’m trying to set my email in manager, but i failed to do so. Any advice?

You need to be more specific what you are trying to achieve and what have you tried so far.

I have set up my email settings to send invoices but I seem to missing something because they keep telling me that “failure to send”. Help please.!

You need to supply a lot more information. Edition, version, operating system, to begin with. Screen shots. That was the advice 20 months ago to the other user, and that’s the advice now.

ok sorry did not know.
Version is Manager 16.4.83
Operating System 64-Bit

What am I doing wrong?
Desktop Edition

I’m pretty sure your username on server cannot be Devon. It would be your full Gmail email address.

You should also update your software, @ChristinaD. There have been a great many improvements since your version.

Ok I changed my username to my email address and you saw the results but when I try to email a quote or anything else that is the message.

Do I just go to the home page and down load the desktop edition again? What about my data? Will I lose it or is there an option to restore and keep the data?

Your data is separate from the application. Yes, you just download and install as you did the original. The update will most likely resolve your remaining problem. It has for many others.

Just to be safe, make a backup first. Don’t do it on your regular computer, though, because when your disk crashes, you’ll be out of luck. A flash drive works fine for this purpose. Or any other accessible drive, either physical or in the cloud.

Thanks alot. I am going to try that tonight.

I am struggling with setting up emails to run through the SMTP, I keep getting operation time out when trying to test the email. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you are using port 465, try port 587 instead.

Also, install some other email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird and try exactly the same settings there to see if it works.

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I have also been having a few issues setting up the email.
When I test the settings, the message says it is fine, but when I send a test email to myself at a personal email address, I get the following message: IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
Any advice?
I have Manager 16.11.79 on a Windows 10 platform.

Update your software. That might solve the problem. If not, let us know.

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Sorry, same again. I just updated to the latest version. and the result was the same:

Forget all that. I changed the Port, removed Use SSL & it worked fine. :slight_smile:

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