How to link the customer with another system with ledger code

Our organisation , is going to use TOS (Terminal operating system).
Is it possible we can import the transaction data, by external system by ledger code of our customer.

Currently it’s possible via API only but very soon you will be able to import payments & receipts from spreadsheet too.

As for the workflow, typically POS system would generate daily summaries and you’d enter single receipt into Manager summarizing all receipts from POS system. E.g. if you did 100 sales totaling $1,000. You’d just enter single receipt into Manager for $1,000.

Is there any guide line for the API, for the manager

Please advise if there is any support available for API for manage. or when we will be able to import data from spreadsheet sheet !

You don’t need API to import transactions anymore. Batch operations now work across all tabs.