Payment gateway and POS

Hi, I’ve been using Manager for quite a while now. I have a delivery-based business and now we are opening up a retail store as well and i have a couple of new necessities.

  1. Is there any way of integrating some kind of gateway to accept payments on manager?

  2. Is there any kind of POS system integration with Manager available?

I really would like to have to switch a whole new different accounting system. :cry:


  1. No, but why do you need such an integration?
  2. No, but you can use different POS system which is capable to print daily summaries. Daily summary can be then entered into your accounting system (e.g. Manager).

Hello Lubos,

  1. Thank you for your response, we need such integration to be able to offer our clients the possibility of paying with credit cards online.
  2. Great thanks.

By the way, i have another need. Jus as there are recurring sales invoices and payslips, is there a way of creating recurring purchase invoices? this would take a lot of work off my back.


There is not. This has been discussed several times on the forum. Search for it. There has been vague support, stronger opposition for reasons explained in several threads, but never a definite answer about whether it would be added. Meanwhile, clone them.

Ok. Thanks.