Planning for Bar Code Feature?

Are you planning for including bar code scanner / reading feature in Manager?

Primarily Manager is an accounting software. Not POS (point of sale) system. If you need barcode scanning, use some POS system which has been designed for that. Then you can enter daily sale summaries into an accounting system (e.g. Manager)

Is there a way to batch insert items? So that at the end of the day I don’t have to manually enter all items into the summarizing invoice.

On another note, can a developer use the manager API to develop a POS?

If you are entering summary from POS, you wouldn’t enter it as an invoice. You would have POS (e.g. cash register) set up in Manager under Cash accounts tab and enter your summarizing transaction there.

Right now, it’s not possible to import transaction with line items. It is possible to do it through API.

Developer can use Manager API to develop POS but it’s easier to use existing POS software (and possibly integrate with Manager) than develop something from scratch.

What existing software would you suggest to integrate with manager?