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We have monthly billing system and issue invoices to all active customer that goes beyond thousands. In addition, considering recent development for e-banking customers has requested for e-payment option too.

We have also discussed the same with our respective bank where it was requested to share details of API and Gateway.

We will appreciate Manager’s assistance and guidance for route map and relevant documents for subjected integration.

If you are issuing more than a thousand invoices a month, I would wonder if manager is the right accounting package?

Manager is a good accounting software. It has various features mentioned at Manager web, tracking code is one of the feature which attracts us the most fulfilling our requirement for project reporting along with auto preparation of financials and like wise.

We started Manager two years ago to manage main requirements simultaneously we managed certain modules outside Manager during the transition. Recently, we opt for
Cloud Edition in phase of complete integration therefore it is critically important that our revenue and receipt are fully integrated and synchronized with bank to avoid duplication of work. On the other hand, bring efficiency in whole process since payment initiated from customer to final receipt in our account and update the record at the same time.

Unless it is addressed, our team is creating 50+ receipt from different customers having multiple invoices on daily basis.

We really need Manager’s guidance and prompt assistance to overcome such challenge.

Why don’t imported bank statements work for you?

Because at the movement, bank collects funds in their central pools at Head Office and gives one credit amount for all collections during the days. A separate excel file is shared at the end which one of our team member supposed to post daily.

We opt Manager for full integration and a lot of efficiencies however this process has is much lengthier and less efficient therefore we are still struggling to mitigate the same or manage effectively.

We will surely explore and follow the steps Manager guides us.

You could try to format the Excel so that it could be imported.

The reformatting could be automated using macros

Importing via is probably where I would start at the moment. Custom code on your local computer automating the format conversion from central bank format to what is required by Manager.

Importing via may also be usable however to to that I would again use custom code on your own computer to convert from the central banks format to csv for import into Manager.

the issue here is not about importing things into manager, i think @Rajwani knows it well how to import or batch create things in manager since he used manager for more than two years.
what @Rajwani is asking if it is possible to make it be done through API.
qn. does manager accept API integration???
I think it accepts, @Rajwani can search more in this forum. this issue is discussed several times in this forum, you can find the good answer for you. I think many areas within manager does not accept API but in receipts it can do some work. for this even @lubos can give more explanation.