Sales Software Integration

Hello, I am using a separate POS software and I would like to integrated it with manager. is it possible ?

There is no direct method.

One option is to export the sales data from your POS system, format it in a suitable format acceptable in Manager and then import it. Read the guides on batch operations.

Another option is to simply enter a single sales transaction in Manager summarising all the sales of the day.

where can I find the import option ? the POS software can export the sales data to CSV or excel.

Read about batch operations in the guides section

We simply enter manually the POS daily sales totals and off-set then where paid by bank and cash. For the restaurant business we support we operate as you do a separate POS system that allows us all we need such as table orders, kitchen display, etc. We have a customer called INTERNAL POS and daily we lodge the POS sales. As for COGS we expend them also daily manually. The restaurant business uses Manager for accounting only.