How to let the currency appear on my printed documents

Dear team,

I am dealing with multi currency, when I print the documents like Purchase Order or Sales Invoices the currency doesn’t show up. I’ve set the supplier or customer in the currency that dealing with them. From viewing the currency is “invisible”. May I know how to make it “visible” to printed on my documents? Thanks in advance.

can you please post relevant screenshots to help understand the issue a bit better?

@sharpdrivetek Thanks, I’ve uploaded the screenshot for better understanding.

thank you.

any currency that uses the $ symbol displays only that.
you can mention the same as a note with the help of custom fields.
For example, All values in USD.
there have been many discussions on the forum regarding this. you can try searching for them.

Thank you. I’m aware of adding the custom fields. Just wondering since the currency has already appeared on the system and why it can’t make it “visible” and show on the printed document?

maybe to remove unnecessary clutter when you have a subtotal, the tax amount, the total, the balance due, and the many number of receipts for the invoice showing.

it should be noted that if you create a custom field for your Customer instead of the transaction form with the above suggested note, it will automatically appear on all transactions where the customer is selected. this will not require you to type the note every time.

I believe in the past it did but other users objected to seeing USD for their native currency. Adding the facility also consumes space for all users and flexibility adds program complexity (delaying the introduction of other program features). A decision was taken to not show it where not strictly required. Which while pleasing one group made another less happy.

As suggested the custom field (or theme) allows this to be changed if it troubles any user enough.

There is a similar discussions here

Thank you for your suggestion and I’ve have added a custom field for my Customer.