Show currency for invoice line items

I create invoices to a US based customer. The invoices are generated using my base currency (not US$) so the currency is not shown on the invoice. This confuses my customer, so would be good to allow the currency to be optionally shown on the generated invoice (just like is shown in the ‘Create Invoice’ form. I can do this with a custom field but that doesn’t seem ideal.

Is there a way to show the currency on the generated invoice?

Thanks, Peter

Currencies of invoices are determined by the currencies of the customers.

Yes, except if both the Manager User and their Customer have $ currencies.
Then the Customer can’t tell if the Invoice received is in their currency or the Supplier’s currency.

Who’s currency am I:

There are now two issues involved in this thread:

  • Whether any currency is shown, and
  • Whether $-designated currencies can be distinguished from one another.

@pjy, in your initial post you said currency is not shown. That only occurs if no base currency has been set. To remedy that, select a Base Currency under Settings. In your case, this would presumably be the Australian dollar. Once your base currency is set, you can denominate customers in their own currencies, if you want. In your example, your US customer’s invoices would then be in US dollars.

@Brucanna raises the issue of telling them apart. Manager used to show a full, 3-letter designation for all currencies wherever they occurred on transactions or reports (USD and AUD in your example). But many users complained about this because of the clutter it added. The $ symbol is one of most, if not the most, used currency symbols in the world. Yet most Manager users operate only in their local currency and didn’t want the extra clutter. So the program was changed to show only the $ symbol for any currency using it.

That’s the explanation for why things are like they are. The downside is that when dealing in foreign currencies, a note is now appropriate explaining which currency the transaction is in, which currency should be used for payment, etc. That might be an extra step. But personally, I think it is always worth it to prevent confusion, even in cases where the program uses the 3-letter currency abbreviations. It avoids having to ask for reissuance of payments, bank charges for foreign currency conversions, and customer anger when the dollars are not equivalent and you have to notify them after the fact of what seems like an increase in an invoice. This is just my opinion, but I think there are already enough aggravations built into multi-currency business relationships to rely on just a currency symbol or designation.

Could we simply have the option to display the currency if ones situation demanded it? That way the default situation would remain, ie no clutter, but we could optionally add the “clutter” if required.

As it stands I will need to add a line item column for designating currency. My requirements are that I invoice in my base currency (which has been set, btw), ie AUD. My client will use the conversion done by Western Union Business Solutions and pay me in USD. But my invoices are in AUD as stipulated by our contract.

Hope you can add option to display currency on invoices :slight_smile:

Rather than a line-item custom field, which will appear on every line of the invoice and must be separately filled in for each one, why not do a form-level custom field with a label of Notes. You can then use it for currency information or anything else you need. Such a field is useful in many situations.

When i make qoute, normal currency symbol reflect only with total amount ; some times hide total amount,in such cases no currency symbol ever.
please advice hou to sove this issue

You could do it with a custom theme that hard-codes a currency symbol ahead of the Amount figure.

You could also add a custom field with an explanatory note saying, for example, “All quoted amounts are in XXX.” XXX would be the currency of the customer.

Yes I could change theme but it couldnt be saved.
Mostly i required this currency display required only in Qoutation
for invoices there must be total row so it is clear. But in qoute we are not in use of total row.
so please assist to reflect currency symbol (XXX) 3 letters on qoutation

What do you mean by this? Did you follow the Guide:

This is not something that should be fixed by custom themes. If quotes are in specific currency and totals are hidden, it will be missing currency information.

The latest version (20.8.57) is fixing this so if totals are hidden, the currency will be shown on line items.

Thanks for your well understanding of our actual issue. Now looks fine