HKD & USD invoices show same currency symbol ("$")

Hi everyone,

I issue invoices in different currencies based on the projects i work on. For this reason, in the “customer tab” I’ve created multi-currency accounts (such as USD account, EUR account or HKD accounts) for some of my customers.

Although on “sales invoice tab” currencies are displayed correctly, the printed invoice made in HKD always show total in “$” symbol (which looks like USD).
This can be misleading on payments.

Can invoices in HKD currency show totals in “HK$” symbol instead of “$”?


No. At many users’ request, any currency that uses the $ symbol shows only that to reduce clutter. Your option is to include a statement in a custom field specifying the currency. Search the forum; this subject has been covered many times.

Hi Tut,

Before posting, i searched but didn’t see specific topic about it.

On all managers’ tab the currencies are displayed correctly. This issues occurs only on printing/pdf version of invoices.

As you said, if many users mention this issue, you may want to look into the problem as it would improve the software.

Thanks anyway for your support.

I believe you misunderstood, @pierix76. The other users’ requests were to get rid of the extra currency designation symbols because they added to clutter. The majority of users work in only one currency.


Hi @pierix76 - I invoice in two currencies and maintain cash accounts for a dozen currencies. The cash accounts show the 3-digit ISO currency symbol, so no confusion. On my invoices, however, I have a statement “All unit prices and amounts are in US dollars”, or equivalent for other currencies, that is added using custom fields. Cheers… Richard

Hi @Gillrich
I’ll add a statement using custom field as well.
Thanks for the advice