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Hi All,

I have supplier with various country, and they use currency of their own country.
the problem is, when i created Purchase Order for supplier which have (dollar) sign in their first currency it's only shows , not completed currency even i already setup up currency on each supplier when i created them.
For Example SGD (Dollar Singapore) or AUD (Australian Dollar). Both of them are shown $ logo on my purchase order. Is there a way to show completely of the currency on Purchase Order ?

Sorry if my english are bad.

For currencies that use the $ symbol, transactions forms show only that symbol to reduce clutter. The currency used will be the designated currency of the supplier or customer. However, in listings where more than one currency appear, the designations are complete. For example, the Customer listing below includes customers using three different “dollar” currencies:

So each customer would receive an invoice in the currency they normally use. But you can see the various currencies.


Thank you for your respond. I know that in the program it self it will show completed currency,
but i want to supplier knew that the currency on the PO are based on their currency.

. See the image i attached, it shows only signs even its on australian dollar. I want it show as the real completed currency like A or AUD. Is there a way that i can show a completed currency on Purchase Order ?