Currency in unit price and amount, only in totals

Good Day,

Currency Symbols Only show in totals, but not in individual line items. Like Unit price and Amount.
Is there a reason for this ? Can we show currency in the same.

Yes, there is a reason. It reduces clutter and saves space so other things people always want to cram in can fit. Could you change that with a custom theme? Probably, but you could easily create problems.

We attempted to do this with custom themes but then we would like to pick up the currency symbol based on customers currency type. We we’re not sure of the variable on how to access the currency type of the receipeint. Any help in that would be good

Currencies for customers are defined when creating or editing customers in the Customers tab. When you create a sales invoice for a customer, it shows in the customer’s currency. You should not be attempting to change this in a custom theme. Themes are for changing appearance, not content of the database.

But the invoice does not show what the actually currency is on the invoice. I too would like to add that to the theme to be clear.

Is there a list of data base fields which can be used to customize? Like {{ recipient.xxxx }}

We most usually sell in USD which is not our home currency. Some customers read the invoice and pay in the home currency by mistake. Also, for some customers we sell in both home currency and USD (yes, we have two “customers” defined them).

Having the currency on the invoice reduces mistakes in the customers’ accounts payable.

currency symbols are shown in the totals.

No they are not…


The dollar sign ($) is the currency symbol. What else do you want to show?

You want to show the country which the dollar belongs to on the invoice
As @danny stated “the invoice does not show what the actually currency is on the invoice”

This appears to be no longer occurring, at least for $ currencies.

Yes, the dollar sign is a currency symbol. Is it US dollars? Singapore Dollars? Canadian Dollars? Australian Dollars?

My Australian customers pay in either USD or AUD, depending on the product/service. My Canadian customers pay in USD or CAD, etc.

Hiding the currency in the customer name won’t work because (some of) my bureaucratic customers would not accept an invoice without the exact legal name on the invoice. e.g.: “Spacely’s Sprockets Pty Ltd”

So I’d like the invoice to either:

A) show a currency code within the data, i.e.,

Item Qty Price Ext
Widget 2 USD 25.00 USD 50.00

                      Total USD 50.00

B) Include a variable text somewhere on the invoice stating its currency

Something like “This is a USD invoice. Please pay in USD”.

Both of the above, I guess, should be possible by editing the theme, {{item.currency}} or {{customer.currency}} or something…

I haven’t found a list of available database fields. Does that exist somewhere?

Thanks Danny

you can create a custom field for this and also set a default under Form Defaults.