Customer Account in credit

I must have done this all wrong heres what I did

    • Made invoice for 180
    • client paid 240 so I put that in the Receipt
    • Do a new invoice for this month for 180
      How do I get the credit onto the new invoice
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When you allocated the receipt to: Accounts receivable → your client

  • Did you select an invoice, and if you did, was that for $250 or $180

  • Assuming you either didn’t select an invoice or only allocated $180 to that invoice then the residual should still be in Accounts receivable → your customer. So when you create a later invoice it will automatically be allocated (or partly allocated) to the new invoice.

  • However if you allocated all $250 to the $180 invoice (over paying it), then you will need to correct that.

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If you use the full automated functions then you do not have to correct it. The additional $70 balance is with the customer and will be assigned to the next invoice automatically so you then pay less additional on the next invoice.

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Is that not the second dot point above, or am I missing something?

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Yes but your point 3 is not clear as you can overpay the invoice by allocating $250 to it, it still will keep $70 for the next invoice.

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In the receipt if you choose a specific invoice, then the amount in that line item will be made to that specific invoice. If the amount is more than the invoice value then that invoice will be overpaid and the funds will not be available to allocate to other invoices.

In the receipt multiple line items can be created to specifically to allocate funds to other invoices

Or if no specific invoice is selected, Manger will progressively allocate the funds starting at the oldest invoice (the let Manager allocate funds to invoices automatically approach).

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That is correct as already agreed, only issue is that point 3 is not clear and would have been cleared if you explained it in the manner you just did, thank you.

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I opened the invoice and went New receipt then put the 280 in the amount box.
so what do I do now?

Rather than having forum members guess about what you did and offer multiple options, which can be confusing on all sides, please post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the receipt. Then we’ll know exactly what you did and can give an immediate answer.

Also, please look at your Sales Invoices tab and tell us the status of the first invoice you mentioned.

ok I thought I was clear saying the steps lol just goes to show what is clear for one person is not for others

here is the invoice

and Receipt

Still not clear what the issue is you want to raise. All screenshots are fine and the invoice shows -60 as balance due because you received 60 more from the customer than invoiced. Next time you invoice this customer the -60 will be used to help clear the new invoice. Just try adding another invoice for the same customer and you will see it will include Receipt - DATE - 60 under Total similar to your receipt screenshot.

@Wornout, you didn’t tell us the status of the sales invoice. It should be Overpaid.

But it does not come off the next invoice
new invoice

oh sorry Tut yes it does say over paid in the status

I am using version number 22.8.6 which I down loaded this morning
and using windows 10

To avoid overpaid status and also allow the excess amount to be available for other invoices you need to add a second line in the receipt without allocation details like this:

To be clear, @Wornout, overpaid money is linked to the invoice and is not applied to the next invoice. Only undesignated funds automatically roll forward. This prevents perpetuating a mistake.

oh ok so can you explain your receipt please is the amount the 424 and the over payment is 100

so I have not done the whole thing right ? how should I have done it ? not put the whole amount paid in the Receipt ?

My example shows:
Amount received from Customer - $524.00
Entered receipt receipt of $524.00
Applied to invoice of $424.00 (first line)
Remaining $100 recorded on second line and not applied to an invoice as there were no other outstanding invoices for that customer

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