How to change per hour on a sales invoice?

Hi all,

I would like to create a single invoice with the number of hours instead of units.
I cannot work it out.
Is there an hidden setting please?


Are you using Billable Time?

I am not really understanding the billable time and all the movements you have to do. I have multiple invoices to create where I already have all the time reports from my management software. I only need to input the times like with a normal invoice but instead of quantity, I would love to be able to switch this to “hours”.

I checked the billable time, it is weird, it does not show the separate hours on the invoice as:

Job A 2 Hours
Job B 1 Hour
Job C 3 Hours

setup a Non-inventory Item with its Unit Name as Hours.
Manager automatically replaces the Qty heading with the common unit name across all line items or with the unit name of a single line item.

Thank you so much, let me check this.

ok I checked it, a very difficult one because I do web design/programming and testing, and each of the jobs I work on is different. The customers always want to do know on the invoice all the different fixes/updates/hour per hour. But using the non-inventory method will cause me to have to create a new item every single time I input a job which will make the invoice making process very long and difficult. I wish we had the opportunity to input this directly within the invoice.

just give a generic name to the non-inventory item and you can change the line description for each invoice as required.

Thanks. What I did instead is write everything in the description field and charged 1 total fee for the hours, otherwise, it is just overkilled to keep moving away from the main UI (going back and forth all the time).

Thanks for the heads up regarding the Unit Name - I did not know this could be done. However, I noticed that it does not change the heading “Qty” in the invoice/sales order - but it does add the words "Hours next to the number at the line item level - cheers

Oops - I just noticed that in the Sales Order I was looking at, there was one entry where Qty is “Days” so if all the of the line items are the same then it DOES change the heading - sorry

That behavior of Manager has been described dozens of times in the Guides and on the forum.