Billable time entry daily instead of hourly

Im new to this so excuse if i have missed this point or not read all the instructions correctly.
I have the same people working on the same project and for the same clients for months or evena year at a time. Is there any way to add billable time on a number of days per month. we just charge a single day rate and count up the number of days per month he worked , 5 days a week, 6, days a week or even 7 days a week and just charge a day rate. I seem to filling out Hours per day for every day

You can only enter billable time by hours and minutes. However, you can instead create a sales invoice item (or items) under Settings for a daily fee. When you create a sales invoice, select the Item and enter the number of days. The item’s Description could be something like “Daily charge for construction foreman,” or whatever a suitable description of the work would be. The rate will populate automatically. All this can be edited. If you have more than one job description or rate, create additional sales invoice items.

In some ways, this is easier than Billable Time, especially when it comes to invoicing, because you do not need to create the invoice from the Customers tab, but can do it from Sales Invoices.

You haven’t missed anything - it 's currently hour restricted.

If the Billable Time entry fields could say “Unit Rate” instead of “Hourly Rate” then the “Time Spent” then the input could be more flexibile - hourly rate with hours or daily rate with days or weekly rate with weeks.

The current blue shaded hours & mins could then become a drop down field selection:
Hours & Minutes
Days & Hours
Weeks & Days

The only other change would be in the Sales Invoice - the column tilted “Hours” would need to change to, say Period or Time: One for the future refinements melting pot

Using Sale Invoice Items, is an option but if you are processing, say weekly timesheets, as the basis of building up the Billable Time and only invoicing monthly, then Billable Time can store those unvoiced charges, Sale Invoice Items can’t. So the charging/invoicing option depends on your internal recording processes

Thanks fro the fast reply and seeing the guys use a smart phone app which is fast and easy to print out and get signed weekly - the sales method acts an a good accounting summary by just inputting the 22 days worked per month and attaching the detailed signed app sheet . Thanks for the input, would be nice to have it all in the accounting package for audit but the sheet in the file works also - as only have 5 of us