Customize invoice fields

Hi guys, need your guidance: I bill customers by hours and need to show that in invoice. I see “Qty” as a standard field on invoice, is there a way I can change it to “Hours”? I know I can create custom field “Hours”, but that does not carry over to the invoice when I view it.

I see some reference to creating template in older posts, but I don’t see that anywhere. Is there a way to create our own invoice template?

Like this ?

use Non Inventory Item with hours as Unit Name


You should use the Billable Time tab. Recording and invoicing time will be easier. The labeling will be taken care of automatically.

Thanks Tut, that was helpful.

I did look at billable time but label in invoice was still “Qty” and billable time shows “Invoiced” or “Non Invoiced” at the bottom, so could not send that to client.

On the invoice, can we change the label “Unit Price” to “Rate”?

Is there a way to create new templates for invoice?

Thanks for all your help.

Yes, with a custom theme, but those are considered obsolete and will eventually be removed. But is this worth the worry? Do you have any customers who would not understand that the unit price is for an hour, which is the labeled unit of measure?

For that matter, who is to say a “rate” is not for a minute or day? Customers can misunderstand anything, but usually only by willful intent. I have used billable time every week for a decade and no customer has ever misunderstood or complained.

Thanks Tut, appreciate your quick response.

I just want to say you guys are awesome, very quick to respond and very helpful. Thank you.

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“You guys” are just other users. This is a crowd-sourced help forum.

Forum is definitely very active and helpful. Thank you.

I get around this by putting ‘per hour’ in the inventory item title. So your invoice would show ‘Work - per Hour’. Then the quantity listing and Unit Price would make sense.

Hi Kris, yes that’s an option too.

We can always come up with work arounds, but I think it will be helpful if we had an ability to create invoice templates. I am pretty sure, there are others who would prefer that too.

Invoice templates were removed about 8 years ago. They were replaced by custom themes. Custom themes themselves are now considered obsolete, but remain in the program pending a promised replacement. You will find that feature in the Settings tab, on the Obsolete Features page.

Thanks Tut, I will check it out.