Edit Invoice Colums

Is it possible to change qty on invoice to a different heading. For example there are times when I need it to say hours, or lnft instead of qty, is that possible?

Are you talking about Inventory Items, if yes, then you can choose the Unit type and this will appear on invoices

No not the inventory items. I meant when I create an invoice I would like to be able to choose if I charge by the hour or by linear foot or quantity. I thought maybe there was a way to add in the specific heading as needed.

If you use Billable Time for the time invoicing, those entries automatically show up labeled as “hours” within the quantity column. But otherwise, so far as I know, units of measure are limited to inventory items, so if you are not using inventory items, you would have to include the unit of measure in the description.

Okay thank you. It would be great if there was a way to edit the invoice template, that someone at my level of coding could understand, but I’m not advanced enough to know what I would be doing.

That would only work for singular invoicing, but once you have mixed invoicing (hrs & ft) then what heading would be used.

Another way is to enter nothing to Qty column when creating new invoice and enter number of hours in description. Then Qty column will be hidden altogether as it is not applicable.

In future, it will be possible to create custom columns for invoice line items so that will be another way.

Thank you for all the replies, I think I have chosen a solution for the meantime and @lubos I look forward to the custom columns for invoices in the future, as this would be exactly what I would need for the long term.