How do I change the Qty heading on an invoice?

I need to change the Quantity column heading on my invoice to read Hours. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

If you are using Billable Time module and invoice contains only billable time, then Qty heading will be automatically renamed to Hours

Thanks so much for your response.

I bounce between billable time and creating an invoice from there and creating an invoice directly. Some of my clients I bill hourly for consulting and others I bill per person for training. It’s not a major train smash though, it would just be nice if my training invoices read Qty instead of Hours.

Thanks again.

I just read my original post and realised I made an error. It should have been “I need to change the Quantity column heading on my invoice from Hours to read Quantity”. Helps if you proofread before posting…

I do the same thing you do. But on my invoices, the column is always headed “Qty” and line items for billable time include the label “hours” within. Is your version of Manager up to date?

I’m going to sound like a technophobe here… I’m running the desktop version and have never been prompted to download updates so I’m assuming it isn’t. Help please?

Thanks in advance.

You will never be prompted to download an update. Small changes come out usually several times per week.

Go to and download the version for your operating system. Install it exactly the same way you did the older version. No need to uninstall anything. Manager takes care of that. Your old data is always preserved in a separate folder on your hard drive and reused by the new version of the application.